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Welcome to Dawid Michalczyk's computing spot on the web. This site is mainly about personal computer projects that may be of use to others: webmaster and system administration Linux shell scripts, and Java demos. You can email me here.

Site updates:

07.09.2006 - updated cpfound script (see HISTORY in the script for more info)
08.06.2006 - check out GNU grep's new features
07.02.2006 - evolution of language through the ages :)
29.01.2006 - updated and renamed htmoptim to htmloptim script (for new features see script HISTORY)
03.08.2005 - wrote an article, Verifying Backups with cpverify, for unixreview.com
21.07.2005 - new htmoptim script (optimize html file by reducing its size)
02.05.2005 - new samesize script (list files of same size in current dir)
30.03.2005 - new insertext script (insert text file into another file at line n)
23.03.2005 - new progsv script (list version numbers of important programs installed)
01.03.2005 - updated unpack2dir script (now works correctly in conjunction with find)
01.03.2005 - new monproc script (monitor processies; print to stdo when specified processies are, or are not, running)
14.02.2005 - new sfiles script (recursively search files for keywords; list matched files)
02.01.2005 - new cpfound script (recursively find files; copy them to a specified dir; rename same file names)
26.12.2004 - added the demo section
23.12.2004 - new zipfile script (zip a single file)
23.12.2004 - updated cpverify script (improved functionality)

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